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Artist Resume

Tia Monae' Nichols



2019-2022      Wayne State University Detroit, MI

                       College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts

                       Master of Fine Arts: Art and Art History, Printmaking        


2015-2018      University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA

                       College of Arts and Sciences

                       Bachelor of Arts:  Studio Art, Printmaking

                       Minor: American Sign Language (ASL) & Deaf Studies


2017               Ecela Spanish and Counseling/ Universidad Bolivaria

                       Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina

                       Summer Study Abroad Nine-Week Program



2023                 The Familiar, Solo Pop-Up Exhibition                    

                        Mack Alive

                        Detroit, MI

                        March 31


                        Formidable Formaldehyde, Solo Exhibition

                        Live Coal

                        Curated by Yvette Rock

                        Detroit, MI

                        March 2 - March 30

2022                 Subversion, Solo Exhibition

                        Jacksonville State University Roundhouse Gallery

                        Curated by Morgan Worsham

                        Jacksonville, AL

                        April 21 - May 6





                        Pancakes and Booze

                        Group Exhibition   

                        Tangent Gallery

                        Detroit, MI

                        August 11

                         Being Seen

                        Group Exhibition   

                        Curated by Jennifer Evans                  

                        Charles H. Wright Museum

                        Detroit, MI

                        July 20 - December 31


                        Juried Exhibition   

                        Curated by Ian Matchett                 

                        Swords Into Plowshares Gallery

                        Detroit, MI

                        June 22 - July 29

                        Michigan Glass Project

                        Group Pop-Up Exhibition   

                        Curated by Megan Grierson                 

                        Russel Industrial

                        Detroit, MI

                        June 9 - June 11


                        Juried Exhibition   

                        Curated by Grace Serra and Tuoyane Simms                

                        Wayne State University David Adamany Undergraduate Library

                        Detroit, MI

                        June 5 - June 26

                        Connected to All | Environment + People + Community

                        Juried Pop-Up Exhibition   

                        Curated by Habacuc Bessiake                  

                        Beacon Park

                        Detroit, MI

                        May 19 - May 21

                        Brushes with Cancer at Wayne State University | Twist Out Cancer

                        Group Exhibition 

                        Curated by Laura Makar & Thomas Pryzewski                    

                        Wayne State University Art Department Library

                        Detroit, MI

                        May 18 - June 15

                        The Female and Non-Binary Gaze

                        Invitational Group Exhibition 

                        Curated by Terri Lyne Carrington & Co-Curated by Tia Nichols                    

                        The Carr Center

                        Detroit, MI

                        May 7 - June 2

                        Running on Flower Power

                        Group Exhibition and Spring Sale                      

                        Glastonbury Collective

                        Detroit, MI

                        April 29 - April 30

                        BULK Salon

                        Group Exhibition                      

                        BULK Space

                        Detroit, MI

                        April 27 - May 5

                        As I See Me | Artists Under 30

                        Group Exhibition                      

                        Curated by Lina Stephens & Tia Nichols

                        The Carr Center

                        Detroit, MI

                        March 15 - April 22



                        Group Exhibition                      

                        Downriver Council for the Arts

                        Wyandotte, MI

                        March 2 - March 18

                        Because I Can

                        Group Exhibition

                        Curated by Naomi Tajonera

                        Marygrove College Art Gallery

                        Detroit, MI

                        February 26 - March 12

                        Get Together

                        Group Exhibition

                        Reyes | Finn Gallery

                        Detroit, MI

                        February 25 - May 6


2022                  Holiday Arts Exchange

                        Group Exhibition and Market

                        Curated by Tia Nichols

                        The Carr Center

                        Detroit, MI

                        December 3 - December 23


                        The Collective Spirit

                        Live Coal Collective Group Exhibition

                        Curated by Yvette Rock

                        Live Coal

                        Detroit, MI

                        November 17 - January 12


                        Chef’s Kiss

                        Juried Exhibition

                        Juried and Curated by Jen Eastridge

                        The Gallery at Stone and Spoon

                        Ypsilanti, MI

                        November 4 – December 18


                        7 + 7

                        Group Exhibition

                        Curated by Treena Flannery Ericson

                        October 5 - November 12



                        Juried Exhibition


                        October 1 - October 31

                        The Guild of Artists and Artisans’ Folklore

                        Juried Exhibition

                        Juried by Jeff Cancelosi

                        Gutman Gallery

                        Ann Arbor, MI

                        September 23 - October 29


                        Artists Emerge, Art In Full Expressions

                        Group Exhibition

                        Curated by Geno Harris

                        The Gallery at Brewery Park

                        Detroit, MI

                        August 5 - September 3


                        Being Seen

                        Group Exhibition

                        Curated by Warner Ball

                        East End Gallery

                        Marshall, MI

                        March 18 - April 30


                        Inbody Embodied

                        MFA Thesis Group Exhibition

                        Curated by Laura Makar

                        Wayne State University Art Department Gallery

                        Detroit, MI

                        March 17 - April 7


2021                  Arts in Legislature, Michigan Legislature

                        Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU)

                        Lansing, MI

                        October 2021- September 2022


                        Poorman's Art Collective & Detroit Visionary Collective

                        Group Exhibition

                        Curated by Geno Harris

                        Detroit, MI

                        September 3 - September 25

                        Through Our Eyes

                        Juried Exhibition

                        Juried by Abralene White

                        Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center

                        Newport News, VA

                        July 10 - July 30 

                        Surface Tension, Print Exhibition

                        Scarab Club

                        Detroit, MI

                        June 30 - July 24

                        Art Mile with Scarab Club Detroit, Online Exhibition

                        Art Mile Detroit

                        Detroit, MI

                        June 14 - July 11

                        Editions, Online Open Exhibition

                        Art Mile Detroit

                        Detroit, MI

                        June 14 - July 11


                        NINA: An Exhibition on the life and legacy of Nina Simone, Juried Exhibition

                        Juried by Donna Jackson

                        Norwest Gallery 

                        Detroit, MI

                        June 4 - July 2


                        UnEditioned, Juried Online Exhibition

                        Juried by Katie Michel 

                        Manhattan Graphics Center (MGC)

                        New York, NY

                        June 1 - July 31


                        Scarab Club 50th Annual Photography Exhibition, Juried Exhibition

                        Juried by Ralph Jones

                        Scarab Club

                        Detroit, MI

                        May 12 - June 26

                        When Words Fail, Honorable Mention (DNS) Online Juried Exhibition

                        Guest Curated by Grace Lang

                        Visionary Art Collective



                        Current MFA Student Exhibition, Online Group Exhibition

                        Wayne State Online Galleries

                        Detroit, MI

                        March 25 - April 16


                        Gilda Snowden Memorial, Juried Exhibition

                        Juried by Tylonn Sawyer

                        Scarab Club

                        Detroit, MI

                        March 24 - May 8


                        Black History Month, Juried Exhibition

                        Juried by Rashaun Rucker

                        Jacksonville State University

                        Jacksonville, AL

                        January 21 - February 18 


                        Work From Home: Voices on Identity and the Domestic, Group Exhibition

                        Scarab Club

                        Detroit, MI

                        January 6 - January 23


2020                 Art for the Holidays, Group Exhibition

                        Detroit Artist Market (DAM)

                        Detroit, MI

                        November 13 - December 30 


                        Iconic Art, Juried Exhibition

                        Juried by Dr. Kimberli Gant

                        Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center

                        Newport News, VA

                        August 8 - August 31

                        MFA Student Work, Group Exhibition

                        WSU Art Department Gallery

                        Detroit, MI

                        February 21 - March 6 

2019                RAW Artists Detroit STELLAR, Group Showcase

                        St. Andrews Hall

                        Detroit, MI


                        Printers Camp 2019, Final Artist Residency Show

                        Globe Collection at Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA

                        Baltimore, MD


2018                Endangered Species, Senior Thesis Show

                        Ruffin Hall, University of Virginia

                        Charlottesville, VA


                        Vessels: An Exploration of Bodies and Being, Group Sculpture Exhibition

                        Ruffin Hall, University of Virginia

                        Charlottesville, VA




2025    Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) Graduate Curatorial Assistant Puertografico '25

2022    Doors Open Call, Artrepeneur, Honorable Mention

            Du Ancestry Contest Winner, DuSable Museum of African American History

            BULK Space/Red Bull Microgrant, Detroit

            Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) Awards Committee Awagami Paper Award '22

            Art Activity and Achievement Award, Wayne State University

2021    Art Activity Award Summer, Wayne State University

            Linda Marlene Iden Scholarship, Wayne State University

            Red Bull Arts Microgrant, Detroit 

            Art Activity and Achievement Award, Wayne State University

            CARES 3 Award, Wayne State University

2020    Linda Marlene Iden Scholarship, Wayne State University

            Art Activity and Achievement Award, Wayne State University

2019    Graduate Professional Scholarship, Wayne State University

2018    Graduate Professional Scholarship, Wayne State University

2014    2nd Place Prefaces Student Art Gallery, Newport News Public Schools




Present            Chief Curator

                     Mack Alive

                     Detroit, MI


                     Gallery Manager

                     The Carr Center, Contemporary

                     Detroit, MI

 2022-2023    Program Director

                     Live Coal 

                     Detroit, MI


2022             Exhibitions Assistant Intern

                     The Carr Center

                     Detroit, MI

2020-2022    Graduate Teaching Assistant, Gallery Assistant & Studio Tech

                     Wayne State University College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts (CFPCA) Department

                     Detroit, MI

2021             Exhibitions Intern

                     Bulk Space

                     Detroit, MI

2020             Graduate Research Assistant

                     Wayne State University Theater and Dance Department

                     Detroit, MI


2019             Work Study, Gallery Assistant | Art Department Gallery & Elaine L. Jacob Gallery

                     Wayne State University Fine Arts Department

                     Detroit, MI                                                                                        


2018-2019    Student Liaison & Project Coordinator

                     Virginia Humanities

                     Charlottesville, VA


                     Gallery Intern

                     New City Arts Initiative

                     Charlottesville, VA             


2018             Workshop Lead, Printing Assistant, Key-holding Member

                     Virginia Center for the Book, Jefferson School City Center

                     Charlottesville, VA


2014-2015     Photography Specialist, Merchandise and Photo Sales Clerk

                      Busch Gardens Williamsburg

                      Williamsburg, VA


2023               Austen Brantley MUSE, The Carr Center, Detroit, MI

2022               Holiday Arts Exchange, The Carr Center, Detroit, MI


2023                Oakland Community College, Oakland County, MI

                        Guest Artist Lecture and Artist Talk

2022                Inside Out, Gardner and Gompers Elementary Schools, MI

                        3rd Grade 4-week lecturer and workshop lead, Dec. 1-23

2022                Oakland Community College, Oakland County, MI

                        Guest Artist Lecture and Artist Talk


2022                Why'd You...?, Raymond Martin, Detroit, MI

2021                Gratitude, Asha Walidah, Detroit, MI

2020                Jazz Man, Patrick Jones, Chesapeake, VA

                        Dan Graschuck, Detroit, MI

                        James Dozier, Detroit, MI

2019                Breedlove, Asha Walidah, Detroit, MI

                        Chocolate Wine, Angela Jones, Chesapeake, VA

2017                Jesus and Friends, Sure Foundation Kingdom Ambassadors Mural, Yorktown, VA



2019             Volunteer, Gallery Assistant Felle’s Gallery

                     Ferndale, MI

                     Student Artist in Residence

                     Globe at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

                     Baltimore, MD 

                     Sponsor, Vendor, & Event Organizer

                     Community Arts Extravaganza

                     Hampton, VA   


2015             Visual Art Instructor

                     Sure Foundation Kingdom Ambassadors Music, Arts, and Dance Camp

                     Hampton, VA


2022-2023      Scarab Club, Membership Committee Member

                       Swords Into Plowshares, Exhibition Committee Member

                       Live Coal Collective, Member

                       Scarab Club, Scarab Level Member

2018-2022      Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI), Student Member

2021               Charles H. Wright Museum, Student Member

                       Manhattan Graphics Center (MGC), Student Member

                       International Print Center New York (IPNCY), Student Member

                       Scarab Club Detroit, Student Member

2019-2021      Detroit Artist Market (DAM), Student Member




Jacksonville State University (JSU) Art Department Gallery, Jacksonville, AL


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