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The Return II, is a mixed media, original work of art that incorporates digital painting, graphite, found photographs, and acrylic paint. It is available in 4 x 6 in. and 8 x 10 in. prints. This piece is designed to bring to light just one perspective of a Black woman who is navigating the world of 2022, after the Supreme Court of the United States' ruling (06/24/2022) to overturn legislation Roe v. Wade. This relevant moment in (now) history also happened to be my 25th revolution on this Earth. What a turn of events. 


The imagery incorporates a new mother, a Black woman, a wet nurse, and a victim of oppressive systematic injustices. It demonstrates how we are reliving history, as it often repeats itself. It shows how a woman's body is not her own, how a Black body is not their own. It represents the ways in which this woman will have to sacrafice her own life and the lives of her offspring to pay off debt to others, in this case the white man. 

The Return II

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