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Artist Statement


What does it mean to be endangered? To be, but only to an extent? To live, but only as though there were no tomorrow?


Endangered species are “anyone or anything whose continued existence is threatened.” What if you were told the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Marine Iguana, Bald Eagles, or the millions of wild animals of the world weren’t the only species hunted for sport or commodity? Society has normalized the dwindling population of chickens, various bird species, pigs, and cows for mass consumer culture. However, the media desensitization to the dwindling population of BIPOC bodies for God knows what, will always leave pits of stomachs palpitant.


My work compares studies of endangered animal species to populations of targeted minorities. More recently, I have been focusing on the complexity and beauty of humanity. My desire is to raise awareness regarding minority rights through an audio-visual narrative. 

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